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Awty International School Student Center

The Awty International School Student Center dramatically reshapes the existing campus serving 1400 students in grades 2 – 12 in Houston, Texas.

Project Location:
Houston, TX
Market Sector:
Office Location:
Awty International School
Lake Flato Architects

Supporting the country’s largest International and French Baccalaureate K-12 program, The Awty International School’s Student Center is the new hub and heart of campus. A large, central courtyard embraces the structures, which join myriad programs and spaces: dining, library/media, performance, STEM labs, maker studio, collaboration areas, and classrooms. These varied functions also catalyze outdoor learning, community, and play spaces amidst verdant rain gardens, rainwater cisterns, hydroponic containers, and shady porches. The Net-Zero Energy-ready campus will also model sustainable practices in stormwater management, food cycling, and onsite energy generation.

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