Bachelor of Science

Construction Management & Civil Engineering

Texas A&M University


Houston, TX

20 Yrs at Harvey | Harvey-Cleary
20 Yrs in Construction

Sean McCord


Sean comes from a family of engineers and construction workers and knew from an early age that he wanted to follow in their footsteps and build a career in the industry. Sean loves that every day presents a new set of challenges to solve. In his career, he has worked on many projects over the years, but his favorites include the decade-long run of Haliburton projects, Sysco Foods and Eldridge Oaks. In Sean’s experience, the most successful projects are ones where the team is aligned and faces challenges head-on together. 

Sean is actively involved in many of our corporate committees such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Safety, and Training. He is passionate about helping our employees and projects meet their goals and expectations and diligently works with our committees to establish corporate best practices and training curriculums to support our teams.  

When Sean is not working, he enjoys fishing, golfing, hunting and spending time outdoors. The lake and beach are his favorite places to get away to relax and recharge.  

What’s the best advice Sean can give someone?

“Have a strong work ethic, and don’t be afraid to outwork your competition. By putting in the extra effort, you can achieve great things as a team.” 


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