Building repositioning is a cost-efficient option to modernize dated assets.

Reviving relics

Harvey | Harvey-Cleary helps owners, developers, building managers, and commercial brokers revive older facilities to compete against their newer peers effectively. We are involved much sooner in these complex projects, supplying schedules and budgets to help our clients navigate the decision-making process and reduce their risk.

Whether it’s a building reskin, infrastructure upgrade, or a complete renovation, our goal is to achieve the long-term business objectives at the heart of the project. This comes from a candid and comprehensive discovery process. Together with the design team, we can plan how to achieve the design vision in the face of the many unknowns ultimately encountered in repositioning. A clear understanding of owner priorities also helps us guide the sometimes tough decisions to ensure a strong return on investment.


Our asset repositioning expertise extends beyond the buildings. The majority of our repositioning projects are in buildings almost fully occupied. Our attention to the people impacted during these projects is a distinct benefit we provide. Experience has taught us that phased-occupancy renovations require exhaustive scheduling and phasing plans in order to minimize employee disruption. During construction, Harvey | Harvey-Cleary and our subcontractors operate onsite in stealth mode. We know owners rely on happy tenants as an indicator of project success.

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