Our clients are making medical breakthroughs and revolutionizing healthcare.

enabling community wellness

It’s the Harvey | Harvey-Cleary responsibility to build the spaces that enable efficient, innovative, and optimal healthcare delivery. Together with our clients, it is our duty to ensure community wellness.  Whether it’s a rural healthcare clinic or a highly technical, complex patient-centered urban facility, our approach to each project is the same – stringent planning through Harvey | Harvey-Cleary’s group of dedicated and passionate healthcare construction professionals.  Clients notice this differentiator from initial project meetings, sometimes years before the first shovel pierces the ground.  Our client-centric and collaborative approach digs into the details of the project with particular emphasis on building systems, technology and facility operations. 

ensuring compliance

With decades worth of healthcare project experience, our team asks the right questions to avoid delays and surprises. Safety is our foremost concern and Healthcare projects present unique challenges to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain a safe and exceptional care environment.  Our healthcare builders will use best practices and proven processes to ensure uninterrupted patient care while prioritizing safety and quality.

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