Industrial & Manufacturing

We build a spectrum of industrial facilities – light and heavy manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, cold storage, telecom, behind-the-fence and flex office.

delivering the goods

Value means something a little different to everyone. For owners and developers doing industrial buildings, it most often comes down to cost and commitment. Harvey | Harvey-Cleary guarantees both.

Regardless of the type of industrial facility, we know budgets are fixed. This is why we will commit to a project cost before the drawings are complete. Our value comes from doing the legwork to understand all owner requirements and allocating the budget accordingly.

from Concept to completion

As with every project we do, we assign one team to the project from concept to completion. That budget we gave before the schematic design? The same team is responsible for it at substantial completion, post-occupancy and throughout the warranty period. The same team that developed the schedule during preconstruction must adhere to it through closeout. Your fears are our responsibility; our single-source team approach reduces your risk.

Industrial buildings take a beating, as they are designed to do. We build them to last, during warranty or not; Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is committed to ensuring our clients’ success in the buildings we build.

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With more than six decades under our belts, we know how to deliver your vision.