Mixed-Use & Retail

We are intimately familiar with market needs, accelerated schedules and innovative designs for mixed-use spaces.

Delivering on What’s important

Lifestyle center, power center, strip center, big box, core and shell, tenant improvements, office – whatever the use, Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is the partner of choice for owners, developers, and tenants working in the mixed-use space. Clients select us because we deliver on what’s most important: accelerated scheduling in line with quality and cost goals.

OUR flexibility

We understand the retail experience is evolving, and our mixed-use clients are increasingly looking for ideas to improve their return on investment. Thanks to Harvey | Harvey-Cleary’s partnering spirit with architects and designers, our clients get an accurate budget as early as schematic design. Whether the project demands value pricing or no expense to be spared, clients have all the information needed to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Consider food retailers – is the experience intended to be a specialty gourmet market or restaurant? A grocery store anchor? Or a food hall? We’ve built them all. Each is different, with different proformas. It’s our business to know how to build what your business needs in order to hit your financial target.

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With more than six decades under our belts, we know how to deliver your vision.