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It’s Harvey | Harvey-Cleary’s mission to give owners a place where their employees can achieve greater things than anywhere else.


The average American spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime or about one-third of their life! No wonder owners want to give their employees the best possible working environment. Harvey | Harvey-Cleary’s mission is to give owners a place where their employees can achieve more extraordinary things than anywhere else. We do this through early involvement, value-added services, and a robust subcontractor base.


Harvey | Harvey-Cleary has built tens of million square feet of office space – everything from a 385-acre campus to a single-level office building. The size does not matter; today’s office is all about quality. The concept of the corporate office has evolved greatly in the past decade. No longer is it just a vast space for workstations; today’s offices must have the amenities tenants and employees want. Thanks to our diverse clientele, Harvey | Harvey-Cleary has developed expertise in the vast array of amenity programming and finishes. Similarly, many of our clients now consider the “office” as a mini-village to meet any need of the occupants – research labs, industrial zones, trading floors, daycares, fitness centers, healthcare and global dining.

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