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Atlassian's first generation office space inside Centro.

Project Location:
Austin, TX
Market Sector:
Corporate Office, Interiors
Office Location:

On this project we had the privilege of working with the shell team at Centro, and over the course of 13 months of pre-con Harvey-Cleary was able to have a large amount of input in the design of this project. In these moments we were able to manipulate the shell design to accommodate several of Atlassian’s requests such as skylights, setting kitchen floor sinks as we poured slabs, panda wall exterior glass walls, adjusting shell MEP through the BIM process, and many others. Through construction we had 8 months of completing a complicated interior design that included 3 flights of custom metal and concrete stairs, Core walls dressed in high grade finished plywood, a 2 story lobby wine bottle feature, and teaming spaces that include telescoping metal framed markerboards. In addition to these amazing features, the design incorporated a new way of working, Hoteling, a temporarily office spot rentable by all of Atlassian’s global employees. This meant no hardwall offices, which ended in a result of a spa type office space that Atlassian is proud to have occupied. Harvey is proud to have been a part of this amazing build, and is proud of the team that worked 1.5+ years to make this project happen.

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