PROject specifications

Project Location: Houston, TX
Market Sector: Entertainment & Hospitality
Owner: Lovett Commercial & Live Nation
Architect: Powers Brown Architecture & OMA

713 Music Hall

A section of the Barbara Jordan post office, which underwent a historic renovation, has been transformed into a 90,000 SF music hall now known as 713 Music Hall. The music hall has a capacity of 5,000 people and hosts large concerts, comedy shows, and private events.

Live Nation designed the music hall with a large, flat general assembly area. Above the main floor, there is a tribune of raked seating. The flat floor design allows for limitless arrangements and complex scenography. The tribune of fixed seats is clad in fiberglass grating, which provides expansive views.

The venue features industrial materials and ephemeral lighting effects that define a series of spaces leading to the main performance area. The lobby bar, surrounded by aluminized fabric heat shields, is a tribute to NASA and Houston’s space history. The lobby acts like an airlock, providing a sealed environment for decompression and building anticipation. Stainless steel grids supported by cattle fence insulators line the walls, providing an armature for merchandise and posters.

Beyond the lobby, a double-height polycarbonate wall forms a translucent threshold that divides the main space into two zones. The west band caters to intimate gatherings and social encounters, while the central void to the east is adaptable and offers room for mass spectacle. Within the translucent band, a bright yellow stair links the different audience levels and culminates in a hidden lounge where a seating landscape encourages playful interactions.

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